In many of today’s kitchen designs, organization and storage is one of the main influencers when it comes to planning out the space. But let’s face it, those same elements are also needed in our bathrooms as well, and should not be overlooked when it comes to designing or remodeling a bathroom space. 

In this article, we will take a look at 10 different storage and organizational must-haves for any bath and hopefully, you will be inspired to include these in your next bathroom project!

Vanity Sink Base with Bottom Drawer

This makes perfect sense in smaller bathrooms when there is only room for a single cabinet.  A standard 36” wide vanity would have a false drawer front at the top and only have a single shelf for storage behind the doors. By reversing the face frame you are now able to have a working drawer at the bottom and a shelf above behind the doors. Voila! Additional storage!

Dura Supreme Vanity with Chapel Hill door style

Open Shelving for Linens and Baskets

Keep linens and other bath essentials within reach by having open shelving. Floating shelves offer a spa like feel while removing doors from tall linen cabinets help open and soften the space.  Adding baskets can help sort and hide items will still adding visual texture.

Designed by Keith Rupp of Kitchen Kraft, Inc. and Dream Baths Remodeling | Columbus, OH

Photographed by Andrew Bashaw

Bath with open linen designed by Brookwood Cabinet Company, Inc | Fort Wayne, IN

Floating Vanity with open shelf below designed by DCI Home Resource | Charlotte, NC

Drawer Storage

Drawers are a great way to utilize storage space as they help to keep items a bit more organized.  Designing with a vanity combo unit that offers both doors and drawers fits the bill perfectly when working with small spaces.  Even adding small apothecary drawers where space is tight can help keep you bathroom neat and organized.

Designed by Devin Mearig of dRemodeling | Philadelphia, PA

Dura Supreme Furniture Vanity, Designer Tricia Tidemann at Mingle Design Studio

Guest bath designed by Studio M Kitchen and Bath | Plymouth, MN

Drawer Partitions and Dividers

Now that you have those drawers keep them organized by using dividers or partitions.  You typically see these in kitchen drawers but they work just as well for bathrooms, especially if you are sharing the space.  It is perfect for organizing drawers in Jack n Jill baths as each child can have their own section. Just make sure they keep it clean!

Drawer shown with spice insert (L), partitions, and cutlery divider (R)

Plumbing Drawers

We have shown how drawers have become more popular in cabinet design and plumbing drawers enable you to have drawers directly under the sink.  Unlike the bottom drawer vanity, this modification allows you to have all drawer storage on a vanity sink base which means easier access.  In fact, throughout this blog you will see several examples of drawers under the sink. Dura Supreme offers our Furniture Vanity series of cabinets with the plumbing drawer included on any drawer base sink cabinet. Plumbing not centered? We can modify the drawer cut out for that!

Created by Studio M Kitchen & Bath | Plymouth, MN

Vanity design by Shery Wardlow of Insignia by Inspired Design | Barrington, IL

Tall Linen Storage

Larger bathrooms have the luxury of having room for tall storage, but did you know using a linen cabinet rather than a built in linen closet can give you more storage?  It’s true. When you remove a wall that is typically around 4.5” thick and replace the closet with a linen cabinet, you have just gained a few more inches of storage space! Linen cabinets come in varying widths to fit most spaces, and Dura Supreme offers several styles, including those with drawers in the bottom section.  How’s that for convenience?

Designed by Studio M Kitchen & Bath | Plymouth, MN

Designed by Brookwood Cabinet Company, Inc | Fort Wayne, IN

Design by Sandy Kloncz of Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Pull Out Grooming Storage

This awesome cabinet accessory can help keep products you use regularly easy to access and within reach without cluttering your counters.  Small appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons and electric toothbrushes are safely stored, and with the addition of a built in outlet, you keep all the cords hidden as well!

Pull Out Grooming Storage designed by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Pull Out Grooming with outlet designed by Lang’s Kitchen and Bath | Newton, PA

Wall Counter Storage

When space is tight for a tall linen cabinet, consider using a wall storage cabinet set on the countertop instead. They take up less room and also provide separation between sinks when dual vanities are being used.  Wall counter storage cabinets are offered in several styles including a bottom drawer option. (Because, drawers, right?)

Bath cabinets with Personal Paint Match designed by Dillman & Upton | Rochester, MN

Designed by the team at Nordaas American Homes | Minnesota Lake, MN

Created by Lang’s Kitchen & Bath, Inc | Newton, PA

Photographed by Linda McManus

Pull Out Hamper

Hampers full of dirty clothes and linens can be an eyesore, so why not hide it inside cabinetry?  Pull out hampers are a great way to hide the mess while being easy to access. Dura Supreme offers them in both base and tall linen cabinets.

Bath design created by Scott Holmes, CKD of LJ’s Kitchens and Interiors | Mt Pleasant, MI

Double pull out hampers designed by Jeanine Yancy of KSI Kitchen and Bath | Brighton, MI

And Finally…

Over the John Storage

Let’s not forget utilizing the wall space above the toilet.  Sometimes this is the only option for additional storage in a small bath and matching it to the vanity door style and finish pulls it all together to complete the look.  Get creative with either a full height door, or doors with an open shelf.

Stacey Lindstrom is the National Training Manager for Dura Supreme Cabinetry. Stacey has a degree in interior design and over 25 years in the kitchen and Bath industry. She has worked in all kinds of business platforms, from small dealers to online design and sales, and has worked with 20.20 Design software since 1997. Her first venture working with Dura Supreme Cabinets was way back in 1995, creating hand drawings for a dealer showroom. In the last 10 years, she has had her work showcased on episodes of Kitchen Crashers and Bath Crashers, as well as season 15 of Big Brother. As much as she loves designing spaces for clients, Stacey enjoys training and educating on product and design as well, and draws from her own expertise as well us blunders over the years to help Dura Supreme and its dealers.

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