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Kitchen Love Story: Elegant & Family Friendly Dura Supreme Cabinetry Kitchen
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Kitchen Love Story BUILDER ADDITION: Industry Pro Recommends Dura Supreme Cabinetry
Kitchen Love Story: It's awesome. It's Beautiful. I LOVE it!
A happy family of 5 enjoys their bright and beautiful Dura Supreme kitchen.
Amanda G.

I love my Dura Supreme cabinets! Our kitchen remodel came out amazingly and it’s exactly what I envisioned. There is nothing more magical than having a beautiful vision in your mind and than have it brought to life in your own home. Our Dura Supreme kitchen cabinets are high-quality and had the best style options for creating the my dream of a bright, modern farmhouse kitchen.

A modern kitchen with Dura Supreme cabinetry.
Martin V.
KSI Kitchen & Bath Birmingham, Michigan

For us, the best part about our Dura Supreme cabinets is all about durability. From the box construction, to slide hardware and hinges, down to the finish. We have two small kids who like to explore, climb up drawers, slam doors, hang off of things, play hide and seek and smear dirty hands all over cabinet doors and kick with their feet under the island. It’s essential that our investment can handle these sorts of abuses. We’re about a year and a half in, and the cabinets are still looking and performing as new.

Happy couple enjoys their new kitchen cabinets from Dura Supreme.
Kristin G.
North Shore Kitchen & Bath Glendale, Wisconsin

My designer introduced me to Dura Supreme cabinetry as an option for our remodel. I love how durable the product is and was impressed by all of the options for styles, colors, and even the configuration options that let us customize the cabinetry to meet our storage needs. The warranty was also important to us. Overall, it was a very easy choice to choose Dura Supreme over the other brands. We were able to get our cabinets installed within our project timeline with no problem. The cabinets are new and modern but also tie beautifully into the style of our home. We are super happy with our Dura Supreme kitchen!

A close up of cherry kitchen cabinets with a warm, medium brown stain and a skinny shaker door style.
Emily P
Carole Kitchen Design Studio Woburn, Massachusetts

After months of searching for the perfect cabinet, I found Dura Supreme’s Reese door with the Toast stain on cherry wood. The color is so rich and almost looks like walnut. The stain picks up the grain beautifully and really enhances the cherry. The Reese door gives a little edge to the traditional shaker door in a modern, streamlined way.

I have had these cabinets for 2 years and it brings a smile to my face every time I walk in my kitchen!

A shaker kitchen design from a remodel where the homeowner is happy and shares a testimony.
Jim M.
Sims Lohman Avon Lake, Ohio

Loved working with Cathy on the design and Jim Pengov with AMC Builders on the installation. The Dura Supreme cabinets offered us everything for which we were looking for.

A mother holds her young toddler in their brand-new kitchen with Scandi styled cabinets crafted by Dura Supreme.
Katie K.
Adorned Homes Twin Cities, Minnesota

Our Dura Supreme cabinets were the best investment in our kitchen. They have been beautiful, durable, and functional making life easier by not having to worry about cabinets that are breaking and finishes that don’t hold up. Our daughter is in and out of them daily, they hide fingerprints and hold up to her rough kitchen play. We also love the soft-close doors and drawers, no smashed fingers or slamming doors!

A beautiful inset kitchen with natural off-white painted cabinets from Dura Supreme.
J & B Decker
NA Morristown, New Jersey

There are a few fundamental design choices we made that I think really give our kitchen it’s life and personality. The first is, without a question, the Dura Supreme cabinetry. I wanted cabinets that would truly stand the test of time- and while trends will come and go, you can never go wrong with classic shaker style doors and INSET cabinetry. The latter being an investment I do not regret…. A neutral color is key but white was never an option. That’s just the rules when you own black dogs- plus I just prefer a warmer neutral color to stark white in general. Dura Supreme’s standard Putty paint color was perfect so we didn’t have to go with a custom color. And we paired it with one of their Curated Colors, Cast Iron, for the kitchen island. It’s a beautiful neutral gray/green that is just so, so pretty. We put a lot of thoughtful details into the cabinet interiors, but my favorite cabinets by far are the walk-thru pantry doors (which actually functions more like a “secret door” to my office and what will eventually be a second pantry) and the upper cabinetry on the coffee bar featuring pocket doors and a sleek roll-out tray. The cabinetry choice is arguably the most important in the whole reno process and the team at Dura Supreme totally knocked it out of the park for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with how this beautiful, functional, and durable cabinetry turned out.

A beautiful two-tone kitchen with dark stained and light stained quarter-sawn white oak rift-sawn cabinets.
Michele & Greg W.
Pacific Source Maui, Hawaii

Everything about our kitchen remodel started with our selection of Dura Supreme Cabinetry’s gorgeous Quarter-Sawn White Oak cabinetry. We selected Morel stain for the lowers and Onyx stain for the uppers. Amazing craftsmanship, beauty and just the ease of having all of the design elements we wanted and functionality of our kitchen. We are so in love with deep drawers, spice drawer, and Lazy Susan pull-out. We have so much added storage space in our kitchen and the organization is over the top perfection.

A kitchen cabinet review from a family of 6. kitchen island and happy with their new kitchen from Dura Supreme Cabinetry!
Brian & Allie W.

Dura Supreme’s Toast stain on Maple was one of the first samples we looked at and I knew it was the one. We wanted a warm, natural wood that blended well with our plan for white upper cabinets. We love the touch of wood the hood brings into the white uppers. Dura Supreme cabinets are solid and I have no question they will hold up well with our four kids. I really like the soft-close features as well as the pull-out pantry drawers. This kitchen was our dream remodel and Jennie with Cyclone Contracting did a fabulous job pulling it all together. It has become the center of our home, where we gather for homework and dinners, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

An award winning kitchen remodel story and testimony with a grand wood hood and cabinets manufactured by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.
Dave and Pam F.
Dillman & Upton Rochester, Michigan

When we decided to remodel our kitchen we started by looking at new cabinets.  We really shopped around for the best quality, finishes, and cost of cabinets.  Dura Supreme Cabinetry was a perfect fit for us!   I think our favorite is the narrow pull out spice drawers, our spices are always at hand and organized.  A close second is our plate drawer, with its individual stacking rods to keep the plates organized we never have to reach up to get a heavy plate.  Our kitchen cabinets are what make our kitchen so beautiful & timeless.  The kitchen is the hub of our home and we now enjoy entertaining & cooking in it more than ever.  Thanks, Dillman & Upton for showing Dura Supreme cabinets.


A modern farmhouse bed and breakfast was remodeled with high quality Dura Supreme cabinets.
The Simple Farmstead Nunica, Michigan

When we were remodeling our home, we did our research on cabinetry and shopped around. The first question we asked was about quality. We have 3 small children and need the cabinets to hold up for a long time. We have been really impressed with the quality of these cabinets! We have an old home so we were also looking for decorative hinges to go with the time period the home was built. We decided on the inset cabinets in the Putty color with the decorative hinges. We couldn’t be more happier with our decision!

Hear the client’s cabinetry testimony about this beautiful black paint and cherry wood kitchen remodel project.
Eric & Marissa S.
Bath Plus Kitchen Alexandria, Virginia

We selected Dura Supreme stained cherry cabinetry to mix it up and do something different than white cabinets. It also helped blend the base cabinets with the wood floor. We fell in love with the look of cherry inset cabinetry a bit more than expected. My wife truly does spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The remodel has made that time so much more enjoyable for both of us. Before the kitchen was too small for more than one person. When we finished the kitchen we were both like, why the heck did we not do this sooner? It’s totally transformed our lives for the better. We love it! Our whole family spends so much more time together and our kitchen is now the envy of our neighborhood.

A stunning new construction home with two-toned cabinets. I love my Dura Supreme Cabinetry and new kitchen!
Karen C.
Studio M Kitchen & Bath Plymouth, Minnesota

Dura Supreme had so many options from functionality to colors to different design elements that I never would have thought of before. After we designed our Dura Supreme kitchen, we wanted to incorporate the same level of quality and beauty into our bathrooms, entertainment room, and laundry room. We chose Dura Supreme for those areas as well, and I am so glad we did. I am so proud of my cabinetry, I love my Dura Supreme kitchen!

This beautiful new coastal kitchen features white painted inset cabinets custom made by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.
Melissa S.
Studio M Kitchen & Bath Plymouth, Minnesota

The quality and finish of my Dura Supreme cabinetry is second to none. Thanks to my designer, my new kitchen looks beautiful and functions perfectly.

A semi-contemporary kitchen design with a cabinetry review story.
Denise E.
NA South Windsor, Connecticut

Our kitchen remodel was a long-time coming and we couldn’t be happier with our cabinetry from Dura Supreme. We chose a unique door style called Dash made with a textured finish. This is exactly what I wanted in order to rebel against the Shaker White trend. The finish is beautiful, very durable, and shows nearly nothing, such as fingerprints and smudges. The slab-style door leaves me with no grooves or edges to clean. PERFECT! The multi-colored finish is easy to accessorize to create a special look!

A few luxury items were added: a bi-fold door with a roll-out tray on a countertop cabinet to store both our Keurig and regular coffeemaker. Also, a stay-lift door was added to another countertop cabinet to hold our toaster oven. The full-height pantry cabinets with roll-out shelves have changed my life. I highly recommend this company not just for their style offerings but for their wonderful customer service!

A kitchen remodel with Dark green base cabinets and White painted wall cabinets.
Michelle J.

I have the Rock Bottom color for my bottom cabinets and pantry and I love it! The mix of Rock Bottom with White cabinetry gives it a classic appeal without feeling too cold. We love how everything turned out and can see ourselves entertaining for years in this kitchen!

The house we purchased was built in 2000. The kitchen was dated and cut off from the rest of the house. There was no pantry space and the cabinets were small. We kept the stove where it was but took out the top half of the wall so that it felt more open, but there was still delineation between living and kitchen spaces. The far wall was completely blank so we shifted the blueprint of the kitchen to center along that back wall as an anchor. The pantry was moved there along with the refrigerator.

Kitchen cabinet review about this bright white Florida kitchen with a large island and independent wood hood.
Lauren E.
Showcase Kitchens LLC Canton, Connecticut

We absolutely love our new kitchen! When we went to our amazing designer Erica, and told her our vision, she immediately suggested Dura Supreme. She felt like they would be the perfect fit for what we had in mind. We love the look of our inset doors and our custom drawer inserts keep everything so organized. We really wanted all of our appliances to be flush and were able to get that look with custom paneling. The Subzero and Miele dishwasher panels are my absolute favorites. We have a small kitchen but the panels make it feel so much bigger. I found some pictures of arched cabinet feet and told Erica that I loved them. Erica designed some inspired by my pictures and they really make the cabinets on either side of the range pop. The thing that really brings the whole kitchen together is the custom hood over the range. I wanted something with a lot of trim and Erica delivered. The icing on the cake is our huge island that gives us so much storage. All the details are like the jewelry on an outfit. They’re the finishing touch that makes the whole thing work. It was so great working with Erica. Her expertise and vision really brought the space to life. I’m so glad we chose Dura Supreme and will definitely be using them for our vanity in our next project, the master bath! Can’t wait!”Design by Erica Caserta of Showcase Kitchens LLC, Canton, CT

Photo by Severine Photography. Design by Erica Caserta of Showcase Kitchens LLC, Canton, CT.

A texas home remedeled with new Dura Supreme cabinets with a light wood stain.
Elisha K.
ProSource Austin, Texas

Extremely pleased with the outcome of our kitchen cabinets! We spent months in 2021 searching for the right cabinet maker for our remodel in Austin, TX. Some of the best cabinet makers are in this area, so the decision was tough. We partnered with ProSource and found Dura Supreme. Greg Hoeft with Dura Supreme was a wonderful partner on our journey, and he helped us design and plan to get the exact look we wanted. The vision was an organic look with clean lines made with solid wood and professionally finished to provide longevity, yet still have that natural look.

Dura Supreme came through in a mighty way both inside and outside the cabinets (drawers and faces). The quality of the craftsmanship is superior, and the finish is factory done in a way that will keep it looking new for years to come vs. wearing off in the high touch areas after 5-10 years. Every little detail was thought through to create a beautiful kitchen, and we are extremely grateful for the expertise and insight given to help us make the best decisions. We LOVE THEM!

A beautiful rustic industrial style kitchen cabinet review and testimony from the homeowner.
Kristy C.
Studio M Kitchen & Bath Plymouth, Minnesota

We LOVE our new kitchen! Claire at Studio M Kitchen & Bath was great to work with. She was patient with us while we decided on finishes and layout. Thanks, Dura Supreme!

A rustic shabby chic styled living room with floor to ceiling bookcases, a rolling ladder, and a buit-in home office desk.
Carol B.
Dillman & Upton Rochester, Michigan

I renovated my entire home and Dura Supreme Cabinetry was an important component in achieving the results I desired.  I was introduced to Dura Supreme through the interior design professional I hired to plan and complete my renovation project.  After consulting on my objectives, my interior designer brought me to Dillman and Upton and their talented cabinet professionals sold me on Dura Supreme cabinets.  I had very specific finish desires and Dura Supreme met them all.  We wanted the library in my home to be elegant with a casual rustic feel.  Dura Supreme’s Heritage Paint finish delivered the artistic quality I was looking for.  This finish looks fantastic.  The quality of the workmanship is excellent.  From soft-close drawers to the adjustable and solid shelves, I could not be happier with this product.  I feel I truly purchased something very special.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry was an excellent choice for our home. Cabinet testimony of a farmhouse with traditional style.
Amber C.
Michels Homes North Oaks, Minnesota

Dura Supreme Cabinetry was an excellent choice for our home. We are beyond pleased with the quality and durability of our cabinets. Their customer service is top-notch!

The best cabinet brand! This beautiful new kitchen has a classic wood hood and traditional raised panel cabinet doors.
Nanci D.
Artistic Cabinetry Smithtown, New York

We started the process in April and at the end of June we were well into our planning. By September we ordered Dura Supreme cabinetry in classic white with gray glaze. By February 8, 2016 we were eating in our new kitchen. Between Dura Supreme and the entire crew at Artistic Cabinetry, we had our new, beautifully created kitchen. THANK YOU for giving us the ability to have this gorgeous kitchen. It brings me joy everyday. Thank you all.

A kitchen cabinet review of new Dura Supreme cabinets in an all white themed kitchen renovation with an angled peninsula.
LeAnn O.
NA Twin Cities, Minnesota

We love our Dura Supreme kitchen. It’s so bright, and nice to cook and bake in. Friends and family are in awe!

A beautiful kitchen with light stained wood cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.
Meagan B.
NA Minneapolis, Minnesota

My Dura Supreme Cabinetry is truly AMAZING! I’ve been waiting so long for an update to my home and now when I walk into my stunning kitchen everyday I can’t stop staring at its beauty. The possibilities of how I could customize my cabinetry were endless. I am particularly in love with my wood hood, dish storage, and spice rack; but perhaps my favorite item is the recycling center. The touch-free design of this piece has me in awe and I love that my trash and recycling are hidden. Dura Supreme knocked it out of the park!

A testimonial about this beautiful white and beige, transitional styled kitchen with Dura Supreme's Semi-Custom cabinets.
Michels Homes - 4th Generation Custom Home Building & Remodeling Company
Michels Homes St. Paul, Minnesota

We’re a 4th generation custom home building & remodeling company and we’ve selected Dura Supreme Cabinetry as our elected cabinet line for our projects generations. We’ve always strived to work with high-quality subcontractors and vendors for our high-end new homes and remodels and Dura Supreme is one of those we’ve never had to change from in over 40 years.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry builds beautiful, high-quality cabinets. We choose them because of the durability of the product and the high-end finishes that they offer that are 2nd to none in the industry. They have phenomenal service, they deliver their products when they say they are going to, and they are all-around amazing.

They offer a large variety of finishes, styles, wood species, and accessories, which is ideal when building or remodeling a custom home.

It has been a pleasure working with them over the years. Their professionalism and attention to detail set them above the rest! We highly recommend Dura Supreme Cabinetry to anyone considering new cabinets in their home.

I highly recommend Dura Supreme Cabinetry products. A kitchen testimony of a dark stained cherry kitchen.
J. M.
Cabinet Supreme by Adair Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

My cabinets were made by Dura Supreme and were custom made and fit perfectly. I really love the way my designer Gwen designed the cabinets, and find the various workspaces fit well with how I work in my kitchen. I love the look of the finished project and have no hesitation in recommending Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

This customer is very happy with their new white painted bathroom vanity.
Sally S.
House to Home Solutions Rockville, Maryland

I could not be happier with the bathroom/spa designed and built by House to Home with Dura Supreme Cabinetry. It is incredibly beautiful and functional. The use of space is so amazing! It is the most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen – and it is mine!

A close up of shaker cabinets with a stained finish from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.
Sheila M.
Special Additions Rockaway, New Jersey

Exactly what I was looking for in a cabinet style and finish. Our designer had no problem accomplishing all of our requests.

We love our new cabinets from Dura Supreme!

The best quality cabinet! Hear this kitchen remodel story about their new white painted and rustic weathered wood cabinetry.
Marcie G.
Campbell Lumber & Supply Superior, Wisconsin

I totally love my kitchen!! Thanks Ralana, Campbell Lumber, and Dura Supreme!

A professional kitchen designer shares her testimony and kitchen & Bath showroom with Dura Supreme Cabinetry.
Hollie R.

As certified kitchen and bath designers, we sell and work professionally with Dura Supreme Cabinetry on a regular basis. Their customer service is exceptional! They are a company you can trust. They are very supportive and if we ever have an issue they always take excellent care of us and our clients. In fact, we love their products so much that we each have Dura Supreme Cabinetry in our own homes!

Cabinetry Testimony of a traditional lodge styled kitchen with wood cabinets from Dura Supreme.
Natalie V.
NA Indiana

We absolutely love our Knotty Alder Suede cabinets! We were going for a lodge look and this really worked beautifully in our home. We did custom handles and a copper backsplash to even further the rustic look and have received so many compliments! Thank you for making such a wonderful product at an affordable price!

Becky S.
Squaw Creek Millwork Hiawatha, Iowa

We purchased our cabinets from Squaw Creek for our remodeling project in our kitchen. We chose Dura Supreme cabinets in an off-white paint with a glaze on them and then used knotty alder for our island. We love the way our kitchen turned out and were very glad that Tara helped us achieve the look we wanted. It is a dream kitchen and I love cooking and baking in it.

Check out these bathroom cabinet reviews with testimonies from homeowners on their remodel project with Dura Supreme Cabinetry. The customer is very happy with this dark stained modern vanity.
Kitchens By Terrie La Grande, Oregon

I’ve purchased DuraSupreme cabinetry before, and the craftsmanship and wood quality are excellent for the price.

Catherine M.

Two Kitchens and many extra cabinets added! Very professional and caring, making sure everything was perfect! Thank You!! The craftsmanship is wonderful in these wonderful cabinets. My son’s kitchen as well as my brother’s were done through this remarkable place.

A close up of a gray stained bathroom vanity from Dura Supreme Cabinetry with shiplap walls and modern farmhouse style.
Selena M.
NA Rochester, New York

Love my bathroom cabinet. Exactly what I was looking for. Storage is plenty. Style is spot on. Quality and construction is one of the best in the business.

Kathy S.
Parr Lumber Salem, Oregon

I have a small bathroom and have been looking for a new vanity for several years. I wanted something that would maximize the space that I had available and since my husband and I are both tall people, I wanted one that was taller than most vanities. I looked all over until I was really frustrated because I couldn’t find the size I wanted. I finally learned about Dura Supreme Cabinetry and that there was a dealer in Salem so I got a catalog from them, measured everything, and picked a design and color. The vanity arrived just when I needed it and it is perfect. I love the higher size and it is so much better than my old vanity. Thank you!

Debbie D.
Kitchens and Baths By Lynn, Inc. Indian Wells, California

Lynn Wallace has remodeled my kitchen twice in the past 25 years. Her design is original, clean, and fun. The cabinet company (Dura Supreme) is a fabulous manufacturer, high-quality cabinetry. Now I have my dream kitchen which I love. She is very professional in her business and always available when needed. I would highly recommend Dura Supreme Cabinetry for your dream kitchen or bath.

A love story about a contemporary style kitchen with a slab door style and light stained cabinets.
Jane I.
Shoreline Cabinet Company Wilmington, North Carolina

I came about finding Shoreline Cabinet Company from an advertisement for Dura-Supreme cabinets and I made an appointment to meet with Neal Nesbitt. He was able to execute the design I had been trying to envision where other local cabinet companies fell short. Even with uneven floors and walls, the cabinet installation was perfect (his cabinet installer was incredible). The kitchen came out perfect! Several months later I had found a design on Houzz for a built-in seating area. I showed the picture to Neal, and once again Neil and Dura Supreme Cabinetry executed the exact design. It looks perfect in the kitchen area. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend!

Elizabeth N.
Artistic Cabinetry Smithtown, New York

We recently completed a total kitchen renovation in our home, and we love the results. Our Dura Supreme cabinets look beautiful!! They truly care and have high standards for their work. We are enjoying our kitchen and would highly recommend!

Jen D.
Essence Design Studio West Chester, Ohio

After seven years of putting together ideas for a kitchen remodel, we finally took the plunge and hired Jessica at Essence Design Studio to help our vision become a reality. In hiring her, we also elected to order our Dura Supreme cabinetry through her and could not be happier with the results. The cabinets turned out beautiful and for a great price! Any issues that arose during the process were dealt with quickly. Would recommend Dura Supreme Cabinetry for any of your remodeling needs and would purchase again.

A close up of traditional, rustic cabinets designed to coordinate seamlessly in this 100 year old home.
Kathy K.
Campbell's Kitchens Lincoln, Nebraska

We are still in love with our Dura Supreme kitchen! Our home is 92 years old and we wanted to keep its architectural integrity throughout the remodel. It’s our forever kitchen!

Jessica R.
Cabinet Supreme by Adair Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

We like the quality and functionality of the Dura Supreme cabinets and really enjoy the gray painted color! We are very happy with all of our designer’s recommendations and LOVE our new kitchen! We highly recommend Dura Supreme Cabinetry!

C. C.
NA Brainerd, Minnesota

We chose Dura Supreme Cabinetry for our new lake home. The end result was fabulous! The wood is high quality, and we were able to get every enhancement we asked for.

L. A.
Carole Kitchen and Bath Design Woburn, Massachusetts

We went with Dura Supreme Cabinetry which seemed to be able to create anything we could think of. We had done our own design on paper and the designer at Carole Kitchen and Bath helped us to improve upon it without pushing her own ideas on us. My husband is a carpenter who has done work with kitchen remodeling and was impressed, he did all the work himself and had no issues with the products. We have an old house and the kitchen is small so we not only needed to maximize our space but we wanted to keep with the character of the house. We really appreciated the time and effort that went into making our kitchen the beautiful space that it is today.

L. S.
Gilmans Kitchens and Baths Mountain Veiw, California

We used Cynthia Collins at Gilmans to design our Dura Supreme cabinetry. She was excellent, worked patiently with us and pointed out issues during the design that we never thought of! We are extremely happy with the design and the cabinets.

A kitchen cabinetry review showing the quality cabinetry of this white painted kitchen with solid wood custom cabinets.
Deborah L.
NVS Kitchen and Bath Manassas, Virginia

I had Dura Supreme cabinets installed by NVS Kitchen and Bath. The quality of the Dura Supreme cabinets is amazing! I have really enjoyed the solid quality of these cabinets. The finish is lovely, of course. But what I really like is the way every part moves smoothly and quietly. The inner drawers are very useful and can be adjusted to fit my particular sets of pans. The end panels and molding are finished like fine furniture. I love the deep drawers for pots and pans because I can glance down and see everything at once.

Lisa M.

We still have 1981 Dura Supreme cabinets in our home!! High quality cabinetry.

M. K.
Carole Kitchen and Bath Design Woburn, Massachusetts

My Dura Supreme White kitchen is amazing and I couldn’t be happier! I wouldn’t change a thing about my decisions!!

M. L.
DCI Home Resource Charlotte, North Carolina

The cabinetry that we selected, Dura Supreme, from DCI, is a high-quality product! The designer was honest, creative, helpful, and all-around someone with whom I really enjoyed working!

Kathy K.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry has been an excellent choice for our home. We are very pleased with product style, quality & durability. With our open concept floor plan, they are a focal point and give the home a polished, put-together look and feel.

Melanie O.
NA Minneapolis, Minnesota

I had no idea what or where to start when considering an Island, other than needing one. Sandy at Dura Supreme went above and beyond by asking questions and understanding how we live. It looks great and functions exactly as we need. I would highly recommend.

Melissa H.
Sam Designs, LLC Springwater, New York

Dura Supreme cabinet quality is amazing! We are also very happy with our choice in wood, color, and style. Our kitchen cabinet rep was also very knowledgeable and helped us create the kitchen of our dreams!

Mike C.
La Costa Cabinets & Design Encinitas, California

We have a very contemporary design with floating cabinets from Dura Supreme, a steam shower with a floating bench, a free standing tub, and a lot of varied tile including glass, pebbles, and porcelain tile. The Dura Supreme cabinets are beautiful and very high quality, contemporary thermofoil. My wife and I are very happy with our Master Bathroom. Thank you, La Costa Cabinets and Dura Supreme Cabinetry!

Natalie J.
NA New York

I absolutely love my new Dura Supreme cabinets. They look amazing and are definitely made to last! The designers and staff were so knowledgeable and helpful while planning my dream kitchen.

Thanks so much Dura Supreme!

P. G.

At the start of a major kitchen remodel, my decorator suggested we visit with Creative Kitchens where we purchased our cabinets. The Dura Supreme cabinets throughout our home are gorgeous and I could not be more pleased with my new kitchen, powder room vanity, and laundry room. I would be thrilled to work with Creative Kitchens and Dura Supreme Cabinetry on a future project.

P. R.
Cabinet Supreme by Adair Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

We decided on using the Dura Supreme cabinets and could not be happier with the quality, workmanship and durability of them. With Dura Supreme, our designer, Gwen was able to customize our cabinets and as a result based on door style, finish and accessories available we achieved all of our design goals. We have future design plans for a master bath and another full bath and will definitely involve Dura Supreme in that process when the time comes.

Rob S.
NA Pennsylvania

We have been a customer of Dura Supreme since 1995. They are one of the finest custom cabinet manufactures in the United States. Their quality and craftsmanship are second to none. They provide the highest level of customer service and when a problem does arise they are very quick to react on it with a very fair resolution. They also hold a very high standard for hiring the proper companies for the representation of their product. I highly recommend Dura Supreme to anyone looking for a quality custom cabinet.

Mike C.
Humphery's Building Supply Tiverton, Rhode Island

Great response! We remodeled our kitchen in February 1989, using Dura Supreme Cabinetry. The cabinets were beautiful at the time and still are after three decades. Recently, a couple of the cupboard doors have not been closing firmly. They are the most used and the hinge springs have weakened. I contacted Dura Supreme on Facebook Messenger. They responded within an hour. The age of the hardware and compatibility of new hardware was researched. Within 24 hours they confirmed that new hinges were on the way. While the issue was relatively minor, their response was without fault.

Sue L.
Kitchens and Baths By Lynn, Inc. Indian Wells, California

Lynn from Kitchens and Baths by Lynn worked with us asking specifics on what we wanted in our remodeled kitchen. Also met our specific deadline for completion. We moved out of our home as the kitchen was demolished to create our beautiful kitchen. The cabinets are wonderful and unique and the backsplash is a “wow”! Everyone who sees our remodeled kitchen is struck by the beauty and glamour it has. And the compliments are constantly coming!

Susan K.
Carole Kitchen and Bath Design Woburn, Massachusetts

We worked with Carole Kitchen to redesign our kitchen which was fantastically 80s prior to our renovation. We ordered the cabinets and after they came in, we installed them. We picked a beautiful quarter-sawn red oak from Dura Supreme with soft-close doors. The team couldn’t have been better to work with! They answered all of our questions which I’m sure they don’t get often. We couldn’t be happier!

T. F.
AK Woodwork Palm Harbor, Florida

Dura Supreme cabinets are extremely well-constructed offer beauty and function to our home. Jerry at AK Woodwork measured had the layout designed, ordered, and installed the cabinets. I would highly recommend Dura Supreme cabinets to others!

NA Chicago, Illinois

We have been planning to redo our kitchen for years now and have looked at more cabinet companies than I care to think about. Our high expectations have been met with this cabinet company (Finally)! A friend turned us on to Dura Supreme and after comparing with the previous companies we reviewed, there is no question, we are going with Dura Supreme! The color selections are fantastic and the quality seems to be of a much higher caliber than the custom shops we met with. We start our demo in a few weeks and cant wait to see the finished product.

Tony & Cyndi P.
Kitchen Masters, Inc. Denver, Colorado

We worked with Kitchen Masters to design and furnish our kitchen remodel project with Dura Supreme cabinets. Art was a great partner in helping to guide our decision and presented several options for us to pick from. The cabinets were delivered on time and the installation was very professionally done ahead of schedule and on budget.

A new kitchen remodel with new black painted and cherry cabinets from Dutra Supreme.
Bath Plus Kitchen | Virginia
A cute happy baby in a new kitchen with Dura Supreme Cabinetry.
Bath Plus Kitchen | Virginia
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