Exotic Wood Veneers

Exotic Veneer Cabinetry from Dura Supreme shown in a Natural Bamboo veneer.

For Bria Cabinetry, Dura Supreme offers two door styles with Exotic Veneer options for transitional and contemporary designs with high visual impact.  With the exception of Bamboo and Walnut, which are natural wood veneers, our Exotic Veneer program utilizes "engineered" wood veneers to achieve a desirable consistent color and graining.  Natural veneers exhibit color and grain variations which are not always appreciated for contemporary design themes that require sleek consistent color.  For this reason, engineered veneers have been developed to specifically address this need and desire for consistency.  Additionally, engineered veneers are an environmentally friendly choice because they utilize sustainable wood species that are abundant and readily available.

Many of our engineered veneers utilize European Poplar.  With its overall light coloring and subtle grain pattern, it is ideally suited to create distinctive colors and patterns for engineered veneers.

To create an engineered veneer, logs are processed as usual for veneers.  A rotary lathe peels the log and then the sheet of veneer is clipped into shorter sections called "leaves".  The leaves are then processed through a dyeing vat to create the various colors for the specific engineered veneer.  Depending on the particular color and pattern being produced, the veneers are stacked with alternating colors and then glued together in a large block of wood.  Once the veneers have been pressed into a large block, they can be re-sliced to create the desired grain pattern, texture and color.


Walnut Cabinets (Engineered Veneer Cabinetry) from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Walnut has an attractive, flowing grain pattern with a rich, brown coloring.  Color can range from a medium brown to a dark chocolate with green or purple hues.  With age and exposure to sunlight, natural Walnut will lighten significantly.  Available with Toast, Hazelnut and Morel finishes which makes the color variation more consistent and reduces the effects of sunlight exposure. Available with vertical grain.

Shale (Engineered Veneer)

Shale Cabinets (Engineered Veneer Cabinetry) from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Shale is an engineered veneer with a straight, consistent, "combed" grain pattern. Color is a medium brown-gray with an attractive black grain pattern.  Available with a Natural finish, Shale will lighten slightly with age and exposure to sunlight. Available with vertical and horizontal grain.

White Oak (Engineered Veneer)

White Oak Cabinets (Engineered Veneer Cabinetry) from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Engineered White Oak is very consistent in color with a straight, "combed" grain pattern characteristic of "rift" or "quarter cut" veneers.  An attractive golden brown color, the veneers offer a pleasing range of light to medium brown tones within the distinctive texture of the grain.  With age and exposure to sunlight, the color will slightly mellow.

Bamboo - Narrow Stave Carmelized

Bamboo Veneer Cabinets (Narrow Stave Carmelized) from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Bamboo veneers are known for their characteristic color and graining, with the recognizable knuckles at the growth joints.  Our Bamboo veneers are sliced for feature a straight, narrow-stave grain pattern and are steamed to create a warm brown color (caramelized).  The steaming process naturally darkens the sugar compounds present in the plant to create a warm brown color without the use of dyes or stains.  Bamboo is an extremely fast growing grass, reaching maturity in 5-7 years for sustainable harvesting.  Considered a rapidly renewable resource, Bamboo stalks regenerate from the same root system within 3-7 years.  During regeneration, the root system remains intact preventing soil erosion.  Bamboo is an extremely stable, dense and strong material that remains very color stable with age and sunlight exposure.