10 Tips for Mudroom Organization

For those living in the upper Midwest, a “mudroom” is considered a necessity and is an important part of a home’s floor plan. For families with kids, a mudroom is a critical consideration when building, buying, or remodeling a home.


Regardless of where you live or how much snow, mud, or beach sand is being tracked into  your house, a mudroom serves as a buffer between the interior and exterior of the home and is usually located just off the garage. A mudroom is a high traffic area that is used daily and is designed to handle dirt, wear and tear and ideally, it’s a room that helps keep a family organized!

Dark green painted and stained entryway lockers and boot benches with lots of storage.

At a bare minimum, a mudroom should have closet/storage space, lots of hooks for hanging coats and jackets, and a bench to provide seating while putting on or taking off shoes.  Although this room’s main purpose is functional, there is no reason it can’t be attractive and inviting and make organization easy.

A black-painted mudroom locker and boot bench with lots of drawer storage in a back entryway.

For families with children, a mudroom is essential in keeping things organized. Especially during the workweek (or school week) when children are heading out the door to school and the adults are heading to work.  Having backpacks, shoes, sports equipment, soccer gear, keys, and phones in one organized area saves a lot of frustration in the mornings. It also keeps dirt and snow from being tracked through the house and it gives each child a place to organize and store their personal belongings.


Top 10 Tips for Organizing a Mudroom

Tip #1: Create Custom Boot-Bench and Locker Cabinetry Personalized for You

Dura Supreme offers an excellent mudroom locker and boot bench program. Customize deep drawers to hold shoes along with open cubbies or lockers for hanging coats and organizing backpacks and sports equipment. Dura Supreme also makes a boot bench with a short drawer and an open area below. Shoes can be conveniently tucked under the drawer, and the drawer organizes keys, cell phones, tablets, mittens, hats, etc.

Dura Supreme boot bench and locker cabinetry

Tip #2:Dedicate a Cubby or Locker for Each Family Member

For our family, each child has their own cubby and locker space with a hook and they are expected to keep their stuff off the floor and in their locker. Having their own designated storage space makes this much easier.

Bright white painted cabinets in a mudroom with lots of locker storage and coat hooks.

Dark stained mudroom lockers and boot benches with lots of storage.

A bright white painted mudroom lockers with lots of space and locker storage for each child in the household.

Tip #3: A Space to Sit

Including seated storage like a boot bench in a mudroom provides a comfortable space to sit while putting on and taking off shoes and store them at the same time.

White boot bench seat in a modern farmhouse entryway with shiplap walls and fluffy throw pillows.

A windowed porch entryway with lots of windows and a boot bench for mudroom storage.

Dura Supreme Boot Bench with Deep Drawers for Optimal Entryway Storage.

Tip #4: Label it!

If you are using baskets or plastic bins, clearly label them so you know what is inside at a glance. Label locker compartments and hooks too.  There are so many great “labeling” ideas online to help make this space personal, give your child ownership, or make storage organization easier and playful. Here are a couple of my favorites as an example.

Photo from www.simplynaturaldecor.blogspot.com

An organized mudroom cubby with labeled basket storage for organized school and sports storage for kids.

Mudroom storage for scarfs and winter accessories that are labeled for easy and beautiful organization.

Tip #5: Lots of Hooks! 

Can you ever have enough hooks? Multiple hooks can help give you storage space for coats, snow pants, backpacks, purses, gym bags and more.

Photo from Skona Hem magazine via www.highstreetmarket.blogspot.com

A close up of a dark and classic dark stained wood and black painted mudroom locker with coat hook by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Dura Supreme boot bench and mirrored hall tree with a dark stained finish.

Tip #6: Create a Drop Zone

Locate an area close to your point of entry where it'll be easy to create an organized drop zone. This will help prevent daily used and collected items from cluttering the rest of the home and keep them easy to locate. Drop zones are a pefect area to store items like keys, mail, sunglasses, and more. Creating a drop zone can be as simple as a small countertop space near the door or an open cabinet with a small basket.

A in-wall cabinet with key and sunglasses storage for an entryway or mudroom.

A small entryway with hooks and a counter drop zone with gray painted entryway cabinets and coat rack shelves.

Tip #7: Keep Electronics Ready to Go

Everyday electronics like cell phones, tablets, and laptops can find a home in a drawer or roll-out with an integrated Charging Station or Power Station.

Dura Supreme Power Station Drawer for powering, charging, and storing electronics.

A charging drawer in a mudroom/ entryway charging a mobile phone, a tablet, and a laptop.

Tip #8: Include Features for Your Furry Friends

Mudrooms are a fantastic space to include additional features for dogs and cats a like. Food stations, dog/cat beds, bathing stations, and kennels are all popular features that work well in  mudrooms.

A mudroom garage space with a contemporary design featuring a large pet grooming and bathing tub for washing the family dog or cleaning off muddy boots keeping the mess from leaving the mudroom.

A dog bed cabinet incorporated in a mudroom.

A fun dog-friendly mudroom and laundry room design with Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

A Dura Supreme Toe-Kick Drawer can be used to store small single-serve pet dishes, toys, and treats in the mudroom.

A mudroom with under-the-counter storage for a dog kennel.

A large rustic mudroom with plenty of locker storage, multiple boot benches and a dog food feeding station.

Tip #9: Create a Display with Open Shelves

Use open shelves to create a beautiful display for decor, rest a hat, or house a decrotive basket for easy to see and access storage.

A dark green painted mudroom locker with a modern metal cabinet door and an open shelf for decor.

A mudroom with lots of open shelf storage with decor and basket storage.

Tip #10: Make it Convenient

Most of all, make your entryway storage convenient. If everything is within easy reach, labeled, and organized, the space becomes more convenient and almost helps to organize itself.  If it’s easy to put away or hang up, it gets done.

A mudroom entryway with an open coat closet for easy access closet storage and a hall tree with a boot bench. Featuring gray stained wood cabinets by Dura Supreme.


Discover Inspiration for Your Mudroom

Dura Supreme cabinetry has endless ideas and cabinetry options for organizing and styling a mudroom that is personalized for your home. Below are several examples of Dura Supreme cabinetry creating beautifully organized mudroom spaces!

A warm and rustic mudroom design with a weathered wood locker cabinet and boot bench.

A gray and white kitchen design with a colorful kitchen entryway, min-mudroom nook.


Colorful Kitchen Entryway with classic white painted cabinets and colorful whimsical wallpaper and decor.

A long hallway entry with a long wall of mudroom cabinets with lots of locker cabinets and bench seating.

A bright and colorful mudroom with a blue and white color palette featuring white painted mudroom lockers and boot bench cabinets by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

A craftsman styled entryway with custom built-in entryway storage with a boot bench and beadboard coat rack wall.

A white and modern styled mudroom in the laundry room with open shelves, drawers, coat hooks, and bench seating.

A large laundry room and mudroom combo with lots of locker storage featuring dark gray painted mudroom locker cabinets by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

A dark stained mudroom cabinet buil-in with 2 lockers, open coat hook storage in the middle, and boot bench seating.

A warm and off-white mudroom with a built-in custom mudroom locakers and boot bench with lots of entry way and coat storage.

Dark green painted and stained entryway lockers and boot benches with lots of storage.

How will you organize your mudroom?

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