Quench Your Thirst for Storage: Creative Ways to Stash Your Beverage Supplies

With summer time comes more entertaining and that means refreshments. In order to keep all drinks and drinkware organized and easily accessible, you will want to incorporate some functional and beautiful storage solutions into your home. For some people this could mean a dedicated wet bar, for others it may be a nook off to the side of the kitchen. Regardless of where you prepare your refreshments, here are some great cabinets and internal features you will want to consider.

Adding adjustable dividers within a drawer, one can customize to their heart’s content, accommodating a K-Cup holder, espresso cups and saucers, tea bags and coffee.

K-Cup Organizer and Adjustable Drawer Partitions all from Dura Supreme

A cubby wine rack can be installed horizontally or vertically to fit the exact configuration you need.

Horizontal Wine Rack, all cabinetry by Dura Supreme

Vertical Wine Rack, all cabinetry by Dura Supreme

How nice would it be to have storage specifically for those larger bottles? Here’s a clever roll-out solution.

Large Water Bottles in Pull-Out cabinetry by Dura Supreme

Large Bottles in Pull-Out cabinetry by Dura Supreme

Wine bottles can be stored at the top of wall cabinets in an integrated “X” design storage cabinet.

Wall Cabinet with "X" Wine Storage by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Or, the “X” storage can be located in a base cabinet, with a drawer above or below the wine. Within the drawer you can store wine glass charms, bottle openers, coasters, napkins.

Base Cabinet with "X" Wine Storage with Drawer by Dura Supreme Cabinetry 

Base Cabinet with "X" Wine Storage with Drawer by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Don’t forget to integrate the appliances, and remember, there are lots of refrigeration options besides the standard under-counter fridge. Here we see a refrigeration drawer, which can be a great space saver, holds more than you would think, and does not break up the sightlines of the cabinetry. Above is a flush installed coffee machine plumbed with a water line.

Drawer Refrigeration and Integrated Coffee Machine, by Mingle/Studio M Interiors, MN

Pocket doors are gaining in popularity again because of their ability to hide everything when not being used, and when open, provide full access with doors out of the way. Both of these examples are using pocket door partitions to separate the door from its contents when open, and also provide a surface in which to attach shelving. Notice in the 2nd example, wine glass holders have been attached to the bottom of the shelf to add more stemware storage.

Countertop Bar with Pocket Doors, by Mingle/Studio M Interiors, MN

Countertop Bar with Pocket Doors, Dura Supreme Dempsey Door Style in Sherwin Williams Gale Force finish


So as you are planning a space in your home for beverages, keep in mind some of these ideas and hopefully one or more of them will work their way into your plan. Whether you are throwing a party, or simply enjoying an afternoon with a few close friends or family, organization and accessibility will always make things run more smoothly... and it doesn't hurt that they are beautiful!

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