Planning Your Kitchen Prep Zone

Kitchen work zones have become the progression of the ever classic and functional work triangle.

In a previous blog, I discussed the design concept of the work triangle and how it is a great guideline to use when redesigning your kitchen.  However, as today's kitchens continue to grow in size and open up into connecting rooms it’s only natural for the work triangle to evolve into separate functioning work zones/areas. Those primary zones are the Prep Zone, Cooking Zone, and Clean-up Zone.  In addition, other separate zones such as a Baking Center, Command Zone or an area for pets might also be included in the kitchen depending on its size and available space.

Today, our primary focus is on the Prep Zone.

This perimeter sink wall design makes an ideal Prep Zone in this kitchen design.

The kitchen Prep Zone is crucial, since it is where we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen.

It is the work center where meals are prepped and combined prior to being cooked. Common activities that take place in the Prep Zone include everyday tasks including washing, peeling, cutting, chopping, measuring and mixing ingredients. Therefore, the Prep Zone should be in close proximity to the refrigerator and the kitchen kitchen’s primary sink or its own prep sink area with a sprayer and a garbage disposal for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the Prep Zone should have an ample amount of countertop surface and space for working and preparing those delicious family meals. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends a minimum countertop surface of 36” wide by 24” deep for the Prep Zone.

This kitchen Prep Zone has plenty of countertop surface on either side of the kitchen sink. A perfect location for prepping delicious meals.

Of course, no work zone would be complete without adequate storage for commonly used items, such as cutting boards, knives, utensils, mixing bowls, ingredients, spices, aprons, towels and cleaning essentials. Below are a few examples of how you can create a functional and organized Prep Zone with kitchen storage solutions from Dura Supreme.

Dura Supreme's slotted Drawer Knife Holder is an ideal storage option for your kitchen Prep Zone.

A slotted Drawer Knife Holder (DKH) keeps blades sharp, while a chop block (CBD) is conveniently located in the adjacent drawer. The chopping block has storage space below and is removeable from the drawer for countertop use.

Dura Supreme Deluxe Drawer Organizer (DDOA)

Wide drawers are ideal for our Deluxe Drawer Organizer (DDOA) which includes a cutlery divider, slotted knife holder and 6 stainless steel spice jars.

Dura Supreme two-tier cutlery drawer (TTWCT-A with DKH)

In this two-tier cutlery drawer (TTWCT-A with DKH), silverware is organized on the top and a slotted knife holder can be tucked discreetly below from little hands.

Adjustable partitions can divide a drawer or a roll-out shelf to create more efficient storage.

Dura Supreme adjustable partitions can divide a drawer or a roll-out shelf.

Adjustable partitions (ADWRP) can divide a drawer or roll-out shelf to create more efficient storage.

Dura Supreme roll-out shelves are available in varied heights.

Roll-out shelves area available in several heights ranging from a flat roll-out shelf to 8" deep (standard and deep) to fit your particular application (ROS and ROSD)

Dura Supreme spice pull-out storage.

Small spaces offer a surprising amount of spice storage with a vertical Pull-Out Spice Rack (BPOF-SR OR BPOC-SR).

A convenient pull-out with double bins for trash and recycling (BRC) from Dura Supreme.

Don’t forget to add in a recycle waste bin close to the Prep Zone as well, so that you can easily dispose of peelings, cuttings and packaging without having to cross the kitchen and risk messy spills on the floor.

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