How to Maximize Your Bathroom Storage and Create an Organized Oasis

If your bathroom is anything like mine, you probably do not have enough storage or organization in your space and therefore EVERYTHING is left to sit on top of the countertops. Hairdryer, brushes, combs, curling irons, flat irons (hair straighteners), bobby pins, hair sprays, lotions, soaps, make-up and so much more just continues to gather on your bathroom countertop to the point where you can not even find your sink! 

Does your bathroom look like this? Showing an image of an older bathroom vanity with messy unorganized storage.

It’s amazing how in a simple space such as the bathroom, we can never have enough storage for that area. Most typical bathrooms are 5’ x 9’ with a tub/shower combo, water closet and a small vanity sink base to house all your bathroom essentials, which is no wonder why every square inch of space is important.
If you are fed up with your unorganized bathroom like I am, perhaps it’s time to consider remodeling your cluttered bathroom and make it into an organized oasis, packed full of storage for all your daily routine essentials. 

Dura Supreme offers a wide array of bathroom storage options, here are just a few of my favorites that I’ve been dreaming about and want to incorporate into my bathroom when we decide it’s time to remodel.

Bathroom Storage Options:

  • First and foremost, a vanity grooming rack is a must-have with it’s stainless steel cups that are perfect for hot storage items such as curling irons, hair straighteners and hairdryers. 

Dura Supreme Cabinetry Vanity Grooming Rack

  • Adjustable Drawer Partitions allow you to customize your vanity drawer to suit your needs. Whether the drawer is deep or shallow, creating compartments within the drawer will keep items like cotton balls, curling irons and hairdryers all in one place.
  • A Drawer Spice Rack is the perfect place to store all your cosmetics or even your nail polish collection, keeping them visible and within reach. Or even better is incorporating the Deluxe Drawer Organizer Style B, a combination of dividers, spice drawer and container storage. Also, if you have a false drawer front in the vanity sink base cabinet, a tip down front is a perfect for your toothpaste and dental floss.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry vanity drawer

  • And since were on the topic of a vanity sink base, what about a plumbing drawer? Incorporating a drawer that is built around the vanity plumbing is a great way to add in some more storage for items such as towels and sponges.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry plumbing drawer.

  • If the plumbing drawer isn’t an option for you, consider Dura Supreme’s pull-out Caddy with detachable, portable baskets. It is a great option for housing all your hair dryer, extra hair sprays, or even bathroom cleaning supplies.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry pull-out caddy.

  • Don’t forget to add in a sink mat, it’s protective dimpled texture is ideal for catching possible water drips or spills from bottles that are stored under the vanity sink base.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry sink mat.

  • Another storage option that some may not even think about is a toe kick drawer. It adds a little fun and mystery to the space but also provides some extra hidden storage that is ideal for a cleaning supplies, extra towels, soaps or even a small foldable step stool for the kids.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry toe kick drawer.

Again, these are just a few custom storage ideas that I have added to my bathroom remodel wish list. For further ideas, check out this video showcasing several more Dura Supreme bathroom storage options.

The possibilities are endless! Contact your local authorized Dura Supreme dealer today to assist you in creating your new organized oasis. 

A gorgeous bathroom featuring Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

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