How to Hide Your Refrigerator In Plain Sight with Appliance Panels

A refrigerator is often the largest and most prominent appliance in the kitchen.  Over the last years, appliance manufacturers have made great strides in the overall look and styling of these appliances, but they still are massive, rectangular boxes that can dominate the room.

You'll notice, in the kitchens pictured below the beautiful stainless appliances are prominently featured and add contrast as well as beautiful metal design elements to the rooms.

Stainless steel applainces in a white kitchen with white painted cabinets.

An example of a black and white kitchen with black stainless steel kitchen appliances in a kitchen design with white painted kitchen cabinets with dramatic black cabinet hardware and pulls.

Today, stainless steel remains an extremely popular finish option for refrigerators as well as other large kitchen appliances. Appliance manufacturers are even coming out with new colors of stainless steel including black stainless steel and even bronze stainless steel. Many homeowners love this look, but what if you'd prefer the refrigerator to be less prominent?

Why Panel a Refrigerator with Wood Appliance Panels?

If you're concerned your refrigerator, or the placement of it could dominate your kitchen design or perhaps you're just not a fan of today's popular appliance finishes I suggest looking into appliance panels. Panel ready refrigerators are designed to accept wood appliance panels to coordinate with the kitchen cabinetry. They're an excellent alternative to standard appliance finishes (i.e. Stainless Steel, Black, white, etc.) and will help this large kitchen appliance feel less noticeable and more seamless with the rest of the kitchen design.

A wall of white painted cabinets with a hidden Professional Custom Panel Refrigerators with wood appliance panels that match the kitchen cabinet doors.

In the kitchen design below, the family cooks frequently with fresh food and desired to  (which are placed both on opposites sides of the range). If they had selected stainless steel refrigerators the kitchen would be overwhelmed with the metal finish and would create an entirely different look. By selecting a similar cabinet door style with a shiplap-like textured inset the paneled refrigerators blend in beautifully and the shiplap feature accents the East Coast Shingle Style that the homeowner was hoping for.

An east coast shingle styled kitchen design with inset cabinets, shiplap, and 2 refrigerators with wood appliance panels with a shiplap texture. The two Professional Custom Panel Refrigerators frame the range and create a beautiful design.

Enjoy More Style & Color Options with an Appliance Panel Refrigerator

The appliance door style and finish options are almost endless when working with wood panels on  doors verse selecting a standard metal finished appliance.  With Dura Supreme Cabinetry, any combination of cabinet door styles, wood species, and finishes can be selected to create a one-of-a-kind look for your refrigerator panels to compliment or coordinate with your kitchen cabinets. With a standard metal appliance finish, your styling options are much more restricted.

A elegant and trendy kitchen remodel with white painted cabinets with a dark gray stained ktichen island featuring gold and brassy cabinet hardware pulls, appliances and accents. This kitchen has a hidden fridge with wood appliance paneling from Dura Supreme.

With wood appliance paneling you can add more style and flair to by adding dramatic decorative pulls.

A remodeled kitchen with gray painted cabinets including a gray painted wood hood and gray painted paneled refrigerator with stunning gold hardware.

I love the creativity used to conceal the refrigerator in this kitchen design. Here the designer customized the panels used on the face of the refrigerator with custom mullion doors with mirror inserts. The mirror provides a reflective look that almost mimics the glass mullion cabinet doors that are used as accents on the kitchen wall cabinets and built-ins surrounding the fireplace. The fridge in this home is truly a work of art!

A concealed refrigerator that is disguised with mirrored mullion cabinet doors to create a beautiful focal design element and hide away the fridge.

A close up angle of the wood applaince panel use on the refrigerator with fake drawers and mullion cabinet doors with mirror inserts. The mullions match the other accent cabinet doors throughout the kitchen.

I'd also like to point out, you don't necessarily need to hide the refrigerator when you use a panel ready appliance you can accent it by selecting a contrasting finish/color, or door style.

A kitchen remodel with white painted cabinets and dark stained wood cabinets. The refrigerator with cabinet appliance panel doors is a contrasting color from the rest of the cabinetry to make the refrigerator standout yet be hidden behind cabinets.

Disguise Your Kitchen Appliances with Cabinetry

that are panel ready are typically counter-depth or built models that
allow the appliance to integrate with the surrounding cabinetry and
create that beautiful unified look. The panels are styled to match the
doors on the cabinetry, which makes that big box in the room almost
disappear! It truly acts as a cabinetry disguise.

A contemporary styled loft kitchen with counter-depth custom appliance panel ready refrigerator.

Can you spot the appliance paneled fridges in these remodeled kitchens?

A transitional and casual styled kitchen with white painted cabinets and an appliance paneled fridge.

A modern farmhouse styled kitchen with dark gray paint and stained wood cabinets featurign shiplap elements.

A modern farmhouse kitchen with hidden appliances with cabinet door panels.

A modern farmhouse kitchen with a long gray stained kitchen island that has seating for 5 guests. This kitchen remodel features a stunning metal hood and white painted cabinets. There is a seamlessly integrated refrigerator covered with beautiful white cabinet door appliance paneling.

A modern styled oceanside home with a contemporary colorful kitchen design with appliance panels hidding the fridge.

Dark stained cabinets with 2 hidden refrigerator disguised by cabinet appliance panels.

A gorgeous nautical kitchen desing with a dark stained wood hood and kitchen island that contrasts the bright white painted kitchen cabinets and appliance panel doors that are accented with trendy gold and brassy hardware.

Talk to your Dura Supreme designer today, to see if a custom panel ready  refrigerator is right for you.


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