Explore Cool vs. Warm White Cabinet Paints

Painted white cabinetry has a timeless look and feel.  Selecting white paint for your cabinets opens up so many options when it comes to pulling together a beautiful color palette for an interior design. Do you opt for a color palette that is all white, a mixture of shades of white, or white with pops of color? The color combinations that you can create with white paints are endless. So what shade of white painted cabinetry is best for your room?

Comparing Cool and Warm color palettes used in Kitchen & Bath Design. A color wheel helps demonstrate the difference between warm and cool colors.

Varying shades of white fall into two categories, "cool" and "warm" color palettes. Cool color schemes consist mostly of blue, green, and gray colors. While warm color schemes are generally red, orange, and yellow colors including beige and creamy hues. This is just a guideline, there are exceptions to rule. For example, hybrid colors like greens, violets, and purples can be considered warmer or cooler colors depending on their mix and what colors they are paired with. Although pure white can, like our White painted finish, go with any color of the rainbow, shades of white are best when paired by their warm or cool tones.

At Dura Supreme, we offer an attractive palette of fashionable paint colors selected for their ability to be classic and timeless for years to come. This standard paint palette includes several white paint options that I'd like to share with you today.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry's standard white paint color include; White, Linen White, Classic White, Antique White, Pearl, and Silver Mist.

COOL White Paint Colors

If your color scheme includes cool blues, grays or even blue-greens and white paint is part of the equation, a cool white painted finish can look stunning. Dura Supreme's standard paint finishes include three shades of white that are definitely considered cool: White, Pearl, and Silver Mist. There's also our popular Linen White that has a subtle violet tint. Linen White paint can appear either cool or warm based on what other colors it's paired with. Let's take a close look at each...

Cabinet Paint color options. Showingcool white paint colors from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.


Pearl is a gray-white, sort of a chameleon color. on its own looks white, paired with a darker gray it appears as a light gray.

Dura Supreme's Pearl is a gray/white paint color for cabinets. Shown here int his mood board paired with a gray stained cabinet door.

A nautical-inspired kitchen featuring Dura Supreme's "Pearl" paint on the upper cabinets and a Personal Paint Match blue on the lower cabinets. This kitchen also shows White subway tiles, stainless steel appliances, wood floors, white countertops, and a navy blue kitchen island.


Silver Mist is a pale gray, almost white paint with a cooler tone. It has a stronger gray tone then Pearl. It's a striking gray-white when paired with deep navy blues and dark gray stains.

An off-white cabinet finish with a gray tint paired with brass and gold accessories / hardware and dark blue paint and dark stained knotty alder wood.

A White and gray painted kitchen with a bold navy blue painted kitchen island with a bright and fun navy blue hue..


White is our brightest true white painted finish. It is almost a snow-white that pairs beautifully with practically any color of the rainbow. I think it's a stunning color to use when designing with the dark blue and gray color palettes but it also works just as well with warm color palettes.

This mood board has a cool color palette featuring Dura Supreme Cabinetry's Carson V-Groove door style in "White" paint.

A white painted kitchen with a cool color scheme featuing light blue and gray colors.


Linen White, I consider a "hybrid" color. It's a white hue with the slightest violet undertone. Not as bright as White, Linen White, when used as a cool white, complements gray-toned cabinet stains (i.e. Shell Gray, Heather, Pebble, Smoke, and Caraway) as well as the darker gray paints (i.e. Storm Gray and Graphite).

Linen White cabinet paint color can work with cool or warm color palettes. Shown here paired with a gray stain and light gray accents for a kitchen remodel.

A remodeled kitchen in a historic home with white painted cabinetry and a gray painted kitchen island.


WARM White Cabinet Paint Colors

Dura Supreme’s Classic White and Antique White paints are two fantastic finish options in the warm white category.  Warm whites typically have a creamy appearance, the more yellow tint added to the base, the creamier the white becomes. Both Classic White and Antique White coordinate with almost any stain color that Dura Supreme Cabinetry offers.  From Coriander to Peppercorn, there is a stain and warm white paint combination that will work beautifully in almost any environment. As I mentioned earlier, our versatile White and Linen White paints can also be used as a warm white. Linen White has more of a taupe look then a creamy one while White is a true, neutral bright white.

Warm White Cabinet Paint Colors from Dura Supreme Cabinetry. Antique White, Classic White, White, and Linen White.


Antique White has even more of a yellow tint, and when compared to White, Antique White can look like the palest buttery yellow. 

Antique White Cabinet paint finish from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Two-tone kitchen cabinets shown in a newly remodeled kitchen. Featuring Dark stained wood cabinetry and white painted cabinetry. The cabinet paint is a creamy, off-white paint color. The color palette is warm and inviting.


Classic White is a more subtle warm white with just enough tint to take away the cool edge of a straight white, yet feels like a bright white.

Classic White Cabinet Paint Finish

A beautiful lake house cottage with a kitchen remodel. Featuring a mix of 2-tone cabientry, white painted cabinets on top and dark stained wood cabinets on bottom. This kitchen also features an apron sink with a window view, open shelves with an open plate rack, and stainless steel appliances.


Linen White, with its subtle violet tone, is versatile and can be used in both warm and cool color palettes. When used as a warm white, Linen White complements true-brown toned cabinet stains including (i.e. Harbor, Praline, Hazelnut, and Feather) as well as the darker gray paints (i.e. Storm Gray and Graphite).

A kitchen remodel idea with a white painted door style and light stained wood.

A warm bathroom with white painted vanity cabinets and a neutral color scheme.


White is a true white that's very versatile, pairing beautifully with practically any color of the rainbow. If you're looking for a bright paint pairing for your stained finishes with true-brown, yellow-gold, or red-orange undertones White will work seamlessly with your color palette. 

An interior design mood boad for a modern farmhouse styled kitchen featuring white painted cabinets, an inset door style, green subway tile and brown countertops.

A bright white kitchen with white painted cabinets, warm wood tones, stainless appliances, light wood floors, and red color accents.


Discover Endless Finish Options

If you haven't fallen in love with one of our standard white paint options by now, have no fear! We have many additional painted finish collections and programs extending our cabinetry to offer practically endless finish options. From our affordable Personal Paint Match program of 5,000+ colors to our Custom Finish program, we can craft the perfect shade of white for your home.

A small samplign of white paint options that are avilable with Dura Supreme's affordable Personal Paint Match program.

Off-white and creamy white painted kitchen cabinets.

Creating a timeless, beautiful, and collected space can be easy with the right shade of white. Talk to your local designer today to see samples, get expert color suggestions, and discuss your options.


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