Three Big Design Trends for Bathrooms in 2017

A bathroom renovation is one of the top ways in which to increase the value of one’s home. Of all the spaces in a home, this is one that can really define mood, as it is the first place you go when you wake up and the last place you go before you turn in for the night. Those are two times of the day where mood matters- an inspired morning start to a peaceful end-of-day can add to quality of life.  I will detail three big trends in bathroom design that you will want to keep in mind as you plan your next bathroom remodel.

Nature nutures!

Nature and natural materials can have a renewing impact on people. Bringing natural elements into the bath area is a great way to re-connect with nature after spending so much of our waking hours with technology and man-made environments. The restorative impacts of nature are well documented; the American Psychological Association has been saying for a long time that more connections with nature positively impact people’s mental functioning, social relationships and even physical well-being.  So it only makes sense that we would see this translated into bathroom design, where many people restore and renew themselves day in and day out. Here are some examples of this beautifully put into practice:

Outdoor Shower in Hawaii by Slifer Designs, Designers Andrea Georgopolis & Kellye O'Kelly, Photographer Matthew Millman

Interior desgin with a large bathroom window overlooking nature,. Desgin by Jennifer Worts Design, Inc. Toronto, Canada.

And while not everyone can have an outdoor shower or an 8’ window overlooking a nature preserve, everyone can integrate some representations of nature into their bathroom design to provide some visual relief to counter all of the screens, concrete and metal in our man-made world. Incorporating things such as- natural rough hewn woods, stone tiling, natural materials, green plants and flowers into the space can connect people to their Earth.

Personalized Furniture Pieces

Another driving force in bathroom design has been the shift away from the standard cookie-cutter vanity we have always known and turning more towards furniture-styled pieces and wall hung pieces. There is a demand for more uniquely styled cabinetry that is customized to the home’s design.  This can be reflected in turnposts, decorative toes, custom finishes, distressed or heirloom looks. Below is a great example of a vanity with 2 linen cabinets- the vanity has a Heritage finish with rub through, turnpost styling on each end, and a decorative toe, all of which lend to that one-of-a-kind personalized look that homeowners are wanting. Dual framed mirrors have also replaced the one large frameless mirror of the past.

Bathroom Furniture Vanity by Dura Supreme, with 2 free standing linen cabinets and duel sinks.

Dura Supreme offers six different Families of Furniture-style vanities/linens, with loads of customization options. The wealth of offerings make it easy and fun to design!

There has also been a rising demand for wall hung vanities. This has gone hand in hand with the rise in transitional styling, leaning toward contemporary.  Wall hung vanities offer great opportunities for under-cabinet lighting (a seamless nightlight alternative) and ease of transition to aging-in-place design, which is another design trend all in itself. Below is an example of a Dura Supreme wall hung vanity and two linen cabinets in our Silverton door style.

Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity and Linen Cabinets in frameless cabinets by Dura Supreme Cabinetry shown in the Silverton door style

Architectural Integrity

One last trend we are seeing is the demand for architectural details- design elements that give the room a sense of place.  It is showing up in showers and wall treatments, with shower framing mimicking the loft industrial windows of the surrounding environment, or going completely frameless for the shower surround in line with the decidedly less-fussy clean lines we are seeing more of. The wall treatments can be slate/river rock/brick/whatever is native to the site- crawling up an entire wall of a bathroom. The point again is the need to give the room a sense of place, paying respect to the surroundings (loft, lakeside cabin, etc.).  Below is a fantastic example of architectural framing used on the shower surround. 

A Black mullioned shower surround. Black and white bathroom design by Chace Architecture, Newton Centre, MA, Photographer Jane Messinger.

With these three trends toward nature-centric, uniquely furniture styled bathrooms that stay true to their environments, there are some great ideas out there to lean on in order to create a space that is personal to YOU- a place you will love to wake up to every day!

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