How to Incorporate New Kitchen Trends Tastefully

In the world of fashion a trend is typically thought of as a popular fad, it will be around for a short time and then fade away, only to reappear again thirty years later for a whole new generation. This year I think it’s all about platform sandals. 

Trends in the interior design world seem to take longer to develop but they also remain relevant for a longer period of time.  Think stainless steel appliances, twenty years ago they were only available for commercial kitchens, not your average homeowner. Now they are available almost everywhere.  Stone countertops, subway tile backsplashes and open kitchens are all trends that have evolved over time and are still much sought after. But, there are also trends that run their course and quietly fade away; harvest gold and avocado appliances come to mind.

An outdated kitchen design.

What are some of the identifiable trends that are out there today?  The shift towards clean simple lines in cabinetry, very thin or overly thick countertops, open shelving, the contrast of light and dark finishes, the reclaimed wood look and bright pops of color are just a few of the strong trends we are seeing today.  How can you be sure that by incorporating some of these looks into your project today, they won’t look dated tomorrow?

Moderation is the key.  Incorporate the trend as an accent or accessory, and if it does turn out to go the way of the avocado green appliance it’s any easy fix.   Let’s say you are really drawn to the reclaimed wood look, open shelving appeals to you and maybe a little splash of color. You could one paint wall using orange, for example, as the accent color or use orange accessories on an open shelf. Add stools, chairs, or a bench that has the rustic, reclaimed look and you have incorporated two to three current trends that will look fabulous, but could easily be updated when the next must-have trend emerges.

Bright orange interior design idea for a modern day dining room.

A beautiful, rustic interior design idea from Pottery Barn with a reclaimed wood bench dining room table set.

Reclaimed wood floating shelf idea for a kitchen design from


What will be the next big trend?

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