Exploring Painted Cabinetry Finishes from Dura Supreme

The finish on your kitchen cabinetry is the first thing you see and an indication of its quality. It’s your first impression when you walk into the kitchen and when you run your fingers over the smooth luxurious surface of cabinet doors and drawers. For that reason, we make major investments in our cabinet finish systems, finish colors and our topcoats because we fully believe that the finish is what makes your kitchen cabinetry look beautiful long into the future – and makes you feel good about your choice and investment in Dura Supreme cabinetry!

A classic white kitchen with white painted cabinets and a warm gray painted kitchen island.

Our topcoats are durable, scratch and mar resistant, household chemical resistant, and UV resistant to protect your kitchen cabinetry from normal wear and tear while retaining its beautiful luster and sheen. We use catalyzed conversion varnish sealers and topcoats in our state-of-the-art cabinet finish facilities for their unmatched durability AND beauty.

Painted Kitchen Island Cabinets by Dura Supreme Cabinetry in a Light Brown Color

Painted Cabinet Finishes

Our Paint finishes start with a thorough sanding process and joints are filled to create a smooth surface. A primer coat is sprayed on to prepare the surface for a coat of our opaque enamel topcoat.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry paint finishes start with a thorough sanding process and joints are filled to create a smooth surface. A primer coat is sprayed on to prepare the surface for a coat of our opaque enamel topcoat.

Painted cabinet finishes have gained popularity in recent years for their crisp, classic styling and expansive color palette. Some homeowners select paint for their entire kitchen, while others choose it as an accent color for a kitchen island or a cook center. Various shades of white and neutral colors are popular for full kitchens, while intense colors tend to be selected for accent pieces. Our full-coverage enamel paints are smooth and durable, with rich, saturated color.

White and green painted cabinet doors with smooth wood and with textured Quarter-sawn Oak.

What is a Glazed cabinet finish?

A glaze is a semi-transparent color that is applied over the painted finish for added depth and dimension. Along profiles and corners, the glaze highlights and accentuates the carved details of the cabinet door. A glaze finish is an artistic, hand-applied cabinet finish technique that will exhibit subtle and unique variations.

A close up of painted cabinets with a full glaze finish. An Off-white antiqued painted finish for kitchen cabinetry from Dura Supreme.

Paint/Glaze VS. Paint/Accent Cabinet Finishes

Dura Supreme offers two types of glazed finishes for our painted cabinetry; a full-coverage glaze, "Paint/Glaze", which is sprayed and wiped over the entire surface and tints the base stain color, and an “Accent” glaze, "Paint/Accent", that is applied only along the cabinet profiles and edges.

Painted cabinet door close up with a full cover Glaze finish.

A close up of a painted cabinet finish with an accent glaze on the door style. Cabinets by Dura Supreme.

Paint/Glaze Cabinet Finishes

Our Paint/Glaze finish uses a semi-transparent color applied over the paint for added depth and dimension. The glaze is wiped off all flat surfaces but it creates a darkened highlight along profiles and corners to accentuate the details of the door. The glaze adds a subtle wash of color to the base paint color, darkening the overall color slightly and creating a subtle brush-stroked look.

Creamy off-white cabinets with an antiqued finish. Dura Supreme Cabinetry shown with the "White/Espresso" Paint/Glaze finish.


Accent Glaze is applied over the paint with a small brush to the profiles, corners, and edges of the door. Accent glaze, like our "Paint/Accent", is designed to accentuate the details of the door (similar to a full-coverage glaze, "Paint/Glaze") but without affecting the base paint color of the door. Glazing is an artistic, hand-detailing technique that will exhibit subtle variations with each application. It's a beautiful option if you're looking to add more emphasis to the details of the cabinetry.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry shown with the "White/Pewter" Paint/Accent finish.

Painted Cabinets with a Rub-Thru Finish

Dura Supreme offers a Rub-Thru finish option for any Painted finish. When Rub-Thru is specified, corners and edges are sanded to reveal the underlying wood to create a time-worn, antiqued look.

Dura Supreme's Lancaster – Inset door style in a custom olive green Rub-Thru Paint/Glaze finish.

Heritage Paint Collection of Hand-Distressed Finishes

"Heritage Paint” is a collection created with layers of finish colors, glaze, and hand-distressing techniques to create an especially artistic series of old-world finish looks. The top layer of finish (paint) is chipped and worn to reveal the underlying base stain coat. Glaze and spatter then create a subtle, aged wash over the surface. This finish collection employs artistic, hand-detailing techniques that will have unique, subtle variations with each application.

A furniture style kitchen island shown in Dura Supreme's Hertiage Paint "F" on Knotty Alder.

Beautiful chipped paint cabinet finish with a warm off-white, beige painted finish. Cabinets by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry's Heritage Paint Collection of finishes.

Explore Endless Color Options for Painted Cabinetry

Dura Supreme offers an attractive palette of fashionable classic paint colors, an affordable Personal Paint Match program of over 5,000 color options, and even an on-trend Curated Color Collection. If you still can't find the perfect hue, let us craft a color just for you with our Custom Finish program!

Dura Supreme Cabinetry shown with a Custom Match to an item the homeowner found inspiring.

What Paint Finish Will You Choose for Your Cabinets?

Talk to your local Dura Supreme designer to explore Dura Supreme's entire collection of finishes, see samples, and discover the perfect finish for your cabinetry.

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