Creating A Focal Point in the Kitchen

What is a 'Focal Point'?

The focal point of any room is that spot where your eye wants to naturally rest and take it all in. It's the center of attention. For example, in a great room, a fireplace would be considered an obvious focal point.

What is a focal point in interior design. It's that spot where your eye wants to rest.

Finding the Focal Point in the Kitchen

How do you create a focal point in a kitchen design?  A focal point in the kitchen can be many things, sometimes something as simple as a beautiful view out a window or a stunning backsplash or a unique kitchen island to name a few. Here are few of the most popular methods that kitchen designers use to add a focal point to a kitchen design.

A bright and colorful kitchen with white cabinets and mint green kitchen island.

Create a Truly Unique Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is typically the center and heart of the kitchen deisgn where all activity surrounds and family and friends gather. It's no wonder this popular design element is often designed as the center of focus.

Beautiful white and blue modern farmhouse kitchen design with a blue kitchen island.

Add a Dramatic Hood

Hoods are another obvious focal point, whether a metal finish hood, enhanced with cabinetry, or a beautiful wood hood.  Wood Hoods can be simplistic or ornate depending on the size and styling that is selected.  

The contrasting wood hood in this two-tone kitchen attracts the eye to the cook zone.

A white painted kitchen with a beautiful metal hood as the focal point.

This wood hood steels sets the stage for this traditional kitchen design. Dura Supreme design by Alana A Busse of Westside Remodeling, Inc., California. Photography by Rebecca Chambers.

Use Two-Tone Cabinetry to Add Contrast

Mixing two cabinetry finishes

Mixing two cabinet colors can help create a pop of interest.

Two-Tone kitchen with white and dark blue cabinets.

Accent Your Kitchen with Accent Cabinet Doors

An accent cabinet door is not usually used throughout an entire kitchen, but is
used as a decorative accent or a focal point.  Accent doors can include glass doors, mirror, mullion
doors, leaded glass, louver doors, wire inserts, and aluminum frame doors.

Mirror cabinet doors reflect additonal light into the space and add beautiful feature. Dura Supreme Cabinetry design by Nanci Marsman of Standale Interiors, Michigan.

An Eye-Catching Backsplash

Even a backsplash can be considered as a place that draws your eye into the room.

A Danish style kitchen design with a stunning mirror backspalsh and white painted wood hood.

This bold and beautiful backsplash is sure to grab your attention.

Can there be more than one focal point?

In interior design, it is perfectly OK to have more than one focal point. If you'd like to add emphasis to multiple areas, workstations, or elements multiple focus points can help balance the design and add interest throughout the space. However, you don't want to create a design that is flooded with focus points that will make your eyes bounce around wildly. This is where having a professional designer to help balance the design can be very helpful. Your designer will help guide you toward a design that is balanced and not overwhelming or overpowered by too many eye-catching elements.

This interior design below is an example of less is more! You don't want to overdo it.

An example of less is more when creating a focus point in an interior design.

This kitchen design is a fantastic example of using multiple focal points. The stained shiplap wood hood, shiplap kitchen island, and contrasting wet bar areas in this kitchen all coordinate beautifully yet standout. Each space is highlighted beautifully and your eye flows comfortably throughout the room while also being drawn to these three key workspaces.

This kitchen design features multiple focal points that highlight the shiplap kitchen island, the shiplap wood hood, and the wet bar area.

A dark gray painted kitchen design with modern farmhouse style that has light stained wood hood and kitchen island.

A wet bar area with contrasting stained cabinetry in a two-tone kitchen design.

Whatever the focal point, it should be dramatic and eye-catching, making a statement in your kitchen design. Talk to your Dura Supreme designer to learn how to create a gorgeous focal point in your kitchen.


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