The Art of Authentic Painted Finishes – Exploring Heritage Paint

Part of the allure of certain artisan finishes is how authentic they look as they personify a specific look.  As reclaimed, restored, and repurposed looks rise in popularity, many companies are re-creating these looks to bring an element of texture and intrigue into home interiors.

A shabby chic living room and home library design with rustic painted bookcase cabinetry.

Original re-purposed items are not always available and they don't always work for a specific application. Wood flooring companies are replicating the look of ancient hand-hewn beams with "scraped" and textured flooring. Tile companies are replicating the look of rough-sawn wood planks with beautiful effects!

shabby chic bathroom with reclaimed look bathroom vanity.

For cabinetry, creating artisan finishes that have an authentic reclaimed look can be especially challenging because cabinetry is crafted in individual pieces.  For example, a hutch, a kitchen island, or an entire kitchen is actually crafted of several individual cabinets, moldings, and panels that are put together on-site at the home to create the full piece. So creating a finish that can be achieved on individual parts and then looks authentic when it's completely assembled requires a true artist's eye.

 A distressed blue painted modern farmhouse kitchen island. Showing a close up view of the cabinet details.

A black painted kitchen island with a rustic, distressed finish. The ccabinetry has a furniture style look.

Dura Supreme offers a unique collection of finishes called Heritage Paint.  This finish collection portrays a well-loved, heirloom furniture piece that shows distinctive signs of age and use with layers of finish that have chipped away over time.

Dura Supreme's Heritage Paint finish collection.

Dura Supreme's Heritage Painted collection finish in a curated mood board concept for a new kitchen remodel.

It's a collection of finishes that are meant to look like a piece of furniture that has been tucked away in an attic or warehouse for years and is now being repurposed with all of its beautiful age and character marks.  

A well-loved painted furniture piece will show distinctive signs of wear and use.

With its beautifully aged surface and chipped edges, our Heritage Paint collection is designed to resemble a cherished family heirloom.

Cabinet finish artisans hand-detail the surface to create the look of time worn distressing. Finishes are layered to emulate the look of furniture that has been refinished over the years

A shabby chic, distressed kitchen island design with rustic wood and chipped paint..

our "Heritage Paint" finishes firsthand by stopping by your nearest Dura Supreme showroom.  We'd love to hear what you think!

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